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    Permanent Lifting Magnets Magnetic Plate Lifter Buy

    Permanent Lifting Magnets. A permanent lifting magnet is a very useful piece of lifting equipment particularly within areas where steel sheets are handled. Magnetic plate lifters are an easy to use and very cost efficient means of lifting ferromagnetic materials as they require no power. Lifting Gear Direct has a great selection of these magnetic lifters in varying capacities with the Yale lifting magnets

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    Lifting Magnets Buy or Hire from SafetyLiftinGear

    If you need to lift large heavy materials with magnetic properties SafetyLiftinGear's heavyduty lifting magnet are the perfect tools for the job. Our lifting magnets have a high attractive force and they're extremely easy to operate with no electricity required. Select a lifting magnet from the following range:

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    Lifting Magnets buy at the best value for money expondo

    The lifting magnets in our range are produced by trusted manufacturer Steinberg Systems to high standards robust strong dependable. Bearing the load for you A lifting magnet uses the strongest magnetic materials for a hold that is firm and reliable as good

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    Lifting Magnets Magnetic Lifter Lifting Gear Direct

    A lifting magnet or magnet lifter as they are sometimes referred to as is a piece of lifting equipment that is designed for lifting ferromagnetic materials such as steel. Steel is produced from a mix of several metals producing an alloy the main ones being iron nickel and manganese these substances and their compounds are ferro magnetic .

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    Lifting Magnets Speedy Equipment Tool Hire

    Lifting Equipment Lifting Magnets Lifting Magnets. Categories Lifting Magnets Capital Commitment Access Yale Permanent Lifting Magnet 800kg / 400kg. LogIn. Buy 𧽯.80. ADD TO BASKET. Products. Hire Sales Training Services BIM Help Support.